My 5 Favorite Things About Coffee

So tomorrow is National Coffee Day, and I really want to pay tribute to the very thing that kept me awake from the time I stepped off the plane from Vegas to finishing my politics paper due this afternoon. Thank you, coffee, my dear friend. To pay tribute, I thought I'd share my top 5 favorite things about coffee! Here we go:

Caffeine is a Lifesaver | This one is obvious, but beyond true. While I am a fan of it, I am not a daily coffee drinker. During Finals Week, I may drink coffee two or three times in a row, but I really try to save it for those emergency days where I really can't live without it - when you eat or drink something over and over, your body could eventually build up a form of tolerance or immunity to it, and then you'd end up drinking even more to get the same effect.

Good for Small Talk | Meeting for coffee is one of the simplest and easiest ways to do meetings. Want a short meeting? Get your coffee beforehand and then drink as you chat. Want a long meeting? Wait for your friend and go through the line together before finding a place to sit and talk. Super easy idea for going over event plans, studying, or doing a pre-date.

Coffee Has a Rich History | Have you tried to research coffee? The amount of history you can find on it is fascinating! According to this article, there's a myth that coffee originates from an Ethiopian goat herder. Also, it says that coffee plants can live 200 years?! How cool is that! Bonus: The first first licensed coffee brewer in the U.S. was a woman. Boom.

It Revives the Dead | Okay, not really, but sort of? This kind of relates to the first, but this one applies more to what I've seen it do to other people. One of my roommates absolutely cannot function without a cup of coffee in the morning. One time before I learned this, I tried to talk economics and accounting with her and I'm still not sure if death glares can physically scar you or not.

The Future of Coffee | I'm a fan of eco-friendly and sustainability initiatives and there is quite a bit of research being done into other uses for coffee. This is a long ways into the future, but could you imagine a time when coffee beans could be used to replace fossil fuels?

What's your favorite thing about coffee?! Did you celebrate National Coffee Day?

Catch you next time.

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